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FLASH has everything you need to enjoy all that our area has to offer and more. Our free, weekly newsletter will turn you into a FLASHER in-the-know! Wondering what to do with your free time? Look no further! We have the most inclusive calendar around and you can search by category which makes tapping into your interest so much easier.  You can access our calendar on our website, in our weekly newsletter and by downloading our free APP. Our app goes where you go and keeps you in-the-know while on-the-go!

Our newsletter can also connect you with others through our free Community Board. New in town and want to tap into the 'local know'? FLASH makes that easy to do.  Just send us an email, we post it on FLASH, and you sit back and watch a very cool thing happen as our FLASHERS reply.  Need a reliable electrician, house keeper, math tutor? Ask our FLASHERS.  Moms want to know if someone has had a similar experience to what you are going through, post it on FLASH. Are you traveling and want some ideas on things to do at your destination?  I'm sure some of our FLASHERS have been there. Need a creative and different idea for that special 30th, 40th, 50th birthday…Why not ask our subscribers? At FLASH we also want to celebrate with you and offer a 'FREE FLASH' announcement for engagements, weddings, new arrivals or even that special milestone Happy Birthday! We do it all with a focus on a sense of community.

Our mission at FLASH is to fill your days with fun so that you will create a life of wonderful memories. Our newsletter has some generic information including a project of the week, tip of the week, recipe of the week, did you know, and some other interesting generic information that will have you learning something new all the time. We focus on everything positive and you hopefully will never find anything negative in FLASH. So, grab your cup of coffee on Thursday mornings as you sit and read your current issue of FLASH. You will enjoy venturing back to a simpler time when neighbors helped neighbors and the vibe was positive! We welcome you to the Vero Beach “Neighbors-In-The Know” Club! You are one of us and we are thrilled to have you as a subscriber...AKA... FLASHER! :)